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At Eco Spray Insulations Limited we know that with the increased costs of energy bills year on year, insulating your home or business correctly is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of energy you use as well as your carbon footprint. Our innovative thermal spray foam, supplied by Lapolla, is suitable for insulating most types of properties, new and old; residential and commercial, regardless of size, but before any work begins we will carry out a survey of your property to ensure that this is the case for your property. 

 The eco-friendly spray foam does not contain any toxic or harmful components, and provides an air tight insulation by sealing the building to minimise both heat loss and air infiltration through the roof, walls and ceilings – and is therefore one of the most economical insulation methods on the market today. It can also help to support the overall structure of the building and prevent pests, such as mice, rats and termites from entering the property. 

At Eco Spray Insulations Limited our eco-friendly thermal spray foam, supplied by Lapolla, protects against moisture becoming trapped by forming an airtight seal, therefore reducing heat loss as well as the likelihood of condensation and damp forming. This pioneering spray foam is not affected by humidity, and it does not degrade over time. 

On a practical level, having spray foam insulation installed into your roof line, enables you to be able to use more of your loft space than conventional fibreglass insulation that is laid on the floor of the loft. 

With a one-off application, it protects against the weather and provides a more environmentally efficient building to reduce your heating costs. It also keeps the air in your home free from mould spores, pollutants (such as dust, dirt and carbon monoxide) and allergens caused by more traditional fibreglass insulation systems.

Having your property insulated with our spray foam will give the added benefit of a more comfortable home, as due to the seal generated by the foam, noise from outside and draughts will be prevented by cold spots being reduced and our home having a more even temperature throughout. Our foam spray helps to retain heat during the cold, winter months and keeps your house cool during the summer. 


The spray foam is installed by injecting it into ceilings, floors, walls and crawl spaces, ensuring every gap is filled to give maximum efficiency. The foam works by expanding and filling any spaces and then hardening to form an air tight, solid barrier – blocking any cold spots, air infiltration and heat loss.  

All our spray foam installations are carried out by professional and experienced installers, to the highest standards, and you will receive a lifetime warranty upon completion of the work. If you would like to find out if your property is suitable for Lapolla spray foam insulation, please give our friendly team a call today on 0330 1331 652, who will be happy to help with all your enquiries. 

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