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Commercial and Residential spray foam insulation

Insulating your home is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of energy you use as well as your carbon footprint. Eco Spray Insulations uses an innovative thermal spray foam, supplied by Lapolla.

It is suitable for insulating most types of properties regardless of size; new or old, residential or commercial. With a one-off application, it protects your building against the weather and at the same time provides a more environmentally efficient way to reduce your heating costs. It also keeps the air in your home free from mould spores, pollutants (such as dust, dirt and carbon monoxide) and allergens.

With insulation your home will resist heat flow in or out of a space, will retain heat during the cold winter months and keeps your home cool and fresh during the summer.
To ensure maximum efficiency, we fill every gap. The spray foam installation process begins by injecting it into ceilings, floors, walls and crawl spaces. The foam works by expanding and filling empty spaces and then hardening to form an airtight, solid barrier – blocking any cold spots, air infiltration and heat loss.

External Wall Coating

Water penetration is a building’s worst enemy. When the walls of your home get wet from wind-driven rain, it decreases the thermal resistance of the walls. It can result in increased heat loss, contributing to higher energy bills. Water acts as a thermal bridge, causing heat to transfer away from the property, reducing the energy efficiency of your home.

Pro-Perla external wall coating prevents penetration of water into exterior walls. Exterior concrete, masonry, and exterior insulation finishing systems are prone to cracking in climates with extreme temperature changes. And when water penetrates the cracks, severe and costly repairs often result.

Stops water penetration from the exterior.
Reducing the water absorption of the walls by up to 96.3%.
Prevents penetrating damp, cracking caused by frost, structural damage caused by sulphate attack, accelerated decay of building materials.
Superior exterior durability.
Highly water repellent wall coating which improves energy efficiency by keeping walls dry.
Highly breathable. Exterior wall coating does not restrict the ability of your home to breathe.
UV resistance.
Excellent adhesion to brick, concrete and masonry.
Product warranty available for 20 years.
Custom colours available.
Colour choices
Pro-Perla external wall coating colour
External Roof Coating

We provide you with an economical and effective solution for roofing insulation. Apply over new and existing roof substrates, and you don’t have to spend money cleaning your roof every couple of years. External roof coating will extend the lifespan of the roof tiles and will considerably reduce further surface erosion. It transforms roofs from dirty and unattractive into clean and shiny.

No other product System protects, preserves, and prolongs the life of commercial and residential roofs with the same standard of excellence and performance. Our twenty years of experience allow us to guarantee you that our Pro Perla Coating system will provide you with the cost savings and performance you require.

Superior exterior durability and UV light resistance;
Severe Hail Rated with Pro Perla Coating System;
Excellent dirt pick-up resistance;
Low-temperature flexibility down to -15°F;
UL 790 Approved on multiple constructions;
Low maintenance/renewable; Organic Formula;
Specially selected pigments;
Super hydrophobic surface;
10 years guarantee.
Colour choices
Pro-Perla external roof coating colour
Trustpilot 5 stars reviews

“John the surveyor turned up on time, and explained the course of action and the price. Then a couple of days later the workmen turned up, put on full virus face protection (they looked like men from outer space!!), and went to work.
One loft was very full of stuff, and they moved everything without any fuss, and tidied up after themselves, even getting a vacuum cleaner out.
Would recommend them and will use again if I need more work done within their remit .”

Janet Walker


Eco Spray Insulations are accredited installers and sales agents of Lapolla and Pro Perla products