Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Save money

Insulating your home with spray foam will help you save money immediately upon installation. It is approved that with spray foam you will save up to 50% on energy consumption.

The spray foam is a cost-effective way to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Spray foam seals air infiltration within the property and helps prevent heat loss. This will make it cheaper to warm your home during the winter and help you save money every year. Spray foam adds more value to your property in case you think to sell in the future.

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Spray foam gives comfort to your home and your property.

With spray foam insulation installed, your home will be safer, healthier, longer lasting, more economical and more comfortable than you ever felt before.

Spray foam insulation will eliminate cold and hot spots, improve indoor comfort within your home as well as closing gaps.

This contributes to an even temperature within your property. The spray foam seal, will help reduce the effect of unwanted exterior noisy and draughty homes.

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Protect home with spray foam insulation

Spray Foam insulation comes with great benefits, for example, pests such as mice, rats and termites are no longer a threat. Once the spray foam is installed and becomes dry it forms a solid barrier that prevents pests of all kinds from entering your home.

Spray foam insulation also has many protective benefits for the property. By limiting air movement, it prevents accumulation of moisture and the possibility of mould growth. It reduces infiltration of pollutants, allergens and other asthma triggers.

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healthier home with spray foam insulation

Did you know that airborne pollutant like dust, dirt, carbon monoxide are the leading cause of illnesses such as asthma or allergies?

Spray Foam Insulation will protect and seal your home from outdoor pollutants that may have effect on your health. Also, it reduces the infiltration of pollutants and allergens caused by more traditional fibreglass insulation systems.
Many of our customers notice a positive change in their health after installation.

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Strenght home with spray foam

Our Spray Foam Insulation helps support the overall structure of your property.

In addition to money-saving, comfort, protection and healthier breathing air, it also contributes to strengthening your building. Depending on the thickness of the foam applied, it has a natural and robust seal generated once it is dry.

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25 years guarantee
25 years warranty

Once the Spray Foam is installed, we register this directly with Lapolla, and you are immediately covered with a 25 years manufactories warranty. This is fully transferrable should you sell the property.

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Trustpilot 5 stars reviews

“Ecospray were very professional and arrived on time. The two engineers were very polite, tidy and left the house spotless. They also took photographs of all areas to show me and I could see they had covered all areas very well. The foam is a very well known spray from America, I would will tell all my friends to use them without hesitation.”

Mr Geoff Garbett


Eco Spray Insulations are accredited installers and sales agents of Lapolla and Pro Perla products