Green Homes Grant

Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme

Did you know that the government included Spray Foam Insulation on the top list products of the energy-saving?

Insulate your home with the New Green Homes Grant, The Government Scheme.

From Friday 28 August 600.000 Homes across the England are eligible to receive up to £5.000 to £10.000 from the government to make energy-saving improvements to their property.

The scheme covers home improvements including insulation of roofs, floors and walls, as well the installation of double or triple glazing when replacing single glazing and low carbon heating. These measures could help you and your family save up to £600 a year on your energy bills.

The Green Homes Scheme is part of a 3 billion investment in green technology into the homes in the UK to help homeowners and landlords to boost energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions.